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Lovingly Nourished Often When An ...

--by TC, posted Jul 29, 2019

Lovingly Nourished
Often when an emergency or crisis happens we forget to take care of ourselves. We are not functioning well, unable to sleep and overwhelmed by what life has dealt us. It is at such times the care of others comes through for us. They walk our dogs, cut the grass and bring us foods that tempt us to eat. Often it is the nourishment that we neglect and need the most. We know we need to eat to keep up our strength, but in reality we simply don’t feel like it and may even feel nauseous and unable to eat the food presented to us. Through the kindness of others we are fed with simple yet nourishing foods. There is no need to think about what we will eat; it is just there on our plates as if by magic. The magic of food lovingly prepared just for us, nourishing not only our bodies but our spirits. It is at such times we come to realize how truly loved we are; a blessing we will only recognize once the crisis has passed. Please feel free to share, if you are so inspired. Picture taken by TC

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  • Posted by TC
  • Jul 29, 2019
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