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Stealing “sir, Did You Recognize ...

--by Rajni, posted Oct 18, 2019


“Sir, did you recognize me? I am Vishwas. I was your student 40 years ago.”

Teacher replied: “No. These days I can not see properly and I do not remember things too. Forget it, let me know what are you doing now.”

“Sir, like you I became a teacher.”

“Teacher, really? Teachers are underpaid, so how did you get an idea to become a teacher?”

“Sir, maybe you remember the incident from which you saved me from humiliation. From that time I decided to become a teacher.”

“What was that incident?” asked the teacher.

“Sir, in our class there was a student named Akshay, son of a wealthy man. Once he came to class wearing a wristwatch. None of the other students among us had one. I was tempted to steal that watch. During play time, he put his watch in a compass box. I stole it when I got a chance and put it in my pocket. Nobody saw me.

After that you came to take our class. Akshay complained that someone had stolen his wristwatch. First, you closed the door and announced - Whoever has taken the watch, return it. I will not punish. I did not dare to return it, for the other students may have hated me as a thief for my whole life.

Then you told all of us to form a line and close our eyes. I will check everybody’s pocket. Nobody will open eyes until I finish checking all of you. After checking all in ahead of me, you came near me. My heart beats increased. You took the watch from my pocket. After checking pockets of remaining students, only then you asked us to open oure eyes. Then you gave the watch to Akshay and advised him not to bring the watch to school again. Further you added - Whoever has stolen it, never do it again in your life. Never steal anything from anybody. And then you started teaching us as usual. After that I passed all the grades and left school, but you never mentioned this stealing incident to me. Nor your action towards me showed it.

Even today, my eyes become teary when I remember this incident in which you saved me from humilitation. From that day I decided to become a teacher.”

Teacher said, “Yes, I do remember that incident, but till today I did not know it was you who stole the watch and that I recovered it from your pocket because while checking pockets of all the students, I also kept my eyes closed.”

Originally Nilesh Sathe wrote this story in Marathi. Mukul Vora translated in Gujarati. I tried to translate in English. Please forgive me for any error I made translating it into English.

The image quote is derived separately. It sums up the story rightly.

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  • Posted by Rajni
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