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Four Years Later

--by dotmatrix, posted Nov 3, 2020

Post-It Note Creation
11/100 for @ElleLuna's*
9 November 2016
"We must learn to
live together as brothers
or we will perish
together as fools."
(Dr. MLK Jr. ♥)

*Elle was 2016 guest on on October 8,
2016.  When I called in, she
invited me to the project
that year! It was amazing. 

Text on IG post is from 
Election Day 2016
tizzlovesrowdy #the100dayproject
#day11 #drmartinlutherkingjr
#inspiration A friend told me recently
that I don't like to look at the negative
and I guess that's true. Definitely
feeling it but wanting to focus on hope
today. I love a lot of people who don't
necessarily agree with how I voted. In
the end, the only choice is love. ♥
@ellluna @fairyoaksartworks
(207 weeks ago) - 9 Nov 2016)

fairyoaksartworks Very important
words! How much better would
our world be if everyone would
follow them.
(207 weeks ago)

tizzlovesrowdy Four years later,
may it be. ♥.
(just now)

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