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--by Rajni, posted Apr 20, 2021

What are the many lessons we must learn from Lord Rama? Bhagawan lovingly reminds us today.

Rama is the supreme exemplar of how people should conduct themselves in the world, how a country should be governed, and how integrity and morality of human beings should be protected. High-minded actions, ideal qualities and sacred thoughts are basic foundations of character. Rama is very embodiment of these three attributes. Every human being should also cultivate sacred thought, right actions and good qualities. Rama demonstrated by His words, thoughts and actions how such a life can be lived. Rama acted up to the ancient injunction: "Speak the truth. Practice Righteousness." Eschewing harsh words, Rama pleased everyone by His sweet speech. He countered harsh speech from others with His composure, patience, sweetness and smile. He never pried into the affairs of others, never took notice of their faults, never indulged in ridicule, and never caused any pain to others by the way He spoke to them. It is essential for everyone to follow examples set by Rama and cultivate His many noble qualities and do righteous actions.
- Divine Discourse, Apr 9, 1995.

The Rama Principle is one which delights the heart. - Baba

Rajni: Ram Navmi doesn't consist of eating special foods, singing glory of Lord Rama and listening to Ramayana discourses but to live sacred life as mentioned above.

Happy Ram Navmi

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