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Corona Vaccination And Kindness I ...

--by Rajni, posted Apr 20, 2021

Corona Vaccination and Kindness

I walked under the sun and gave away many quote cards, handmade masks and a little donation, on my way to the Urban Health Center and on the return walk home.

On April 20th, I received my second dose of the CoVid-19 vaccine at UHC. I gave them a bunch of quote cards and a booklet on Positive Thinking in Gujarati . More than 325 booklets have been given away so far
I forgot my cell phone at UHC. Neighbor informed me after she received a phone call from them. I am grateful to UHC and her as well. I thank God for giving me the extra free exercise of walking for about 15-20 minutes each way. I gave away handmade bookmarks at UHC when I went to pick up cell phone and came home by Rikshaw to save time.

After coming home and taking all the precautions as usual, I had a nap. I feel great!
Some QC and BM shown are different.

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  • Posted by Rajni
  • Apr 20, 2021
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