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The Music Of Others

--by Balou, posted May 4, 2021

Your prompt and post today got me thinking of all those many, many times, when I tried to dance at the music of others, wishing and hoping they would accept me, would include me in their group, give me a 'home' ..... ..... but it never really happened ... whatever I did, somebody would always find something to criticise me ... it took me quite a while to understand that NO, I will never be loved (accepted ...) by everybody ... but that this is ok! Since I try to listen more to what I want (not what others expect of me) I have found that I may not have many friends (i never had many anyway) but that those friends are there even when I am not at my best (which I - of course - still try to avoid 😉).

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  • Posted by Balou
  • May 4, 2021
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