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Happy Birthday Girlie 🥰

--by Margazhi, posted Jun 10, 2021

Today's my mum's birthday. Me grateful for a host of reasons.

1. She's alive while father's gone.
2. She's not on isolation anymore. I have insisted that John carry out the test for Corona today to check her status. Mishiemoo's visualizing negative for her (bless your kind heart, my Brooklyn double-fire) 😘
3. She's eating normal. She's watching some of the best Tamil classic movies on the Internet. She keeps weeping crazy at the sentimental scenes but I let her calm down before moving on to the next scene.
4. She is cleaning her mess after I let her know what a spoilt child she is. Not too long though because she will get asthma in the dust.
5. She is to use our juicer and cooker (all new) today. She is looking forward ☺️

Happy birthday girlie 🥰

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  • Posted by Margazhi
  • Jun 10, 2021
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