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Corona Update (15/06/21)

--by Margazhi, posted Jun 15, 2021

~ My neighbour D have lost her father, brother-in-law and his father to Corona. Her mother's liver is damaged big time apparently because of medications for Corona. I am crushed to hear this. I am more than happy to hand over a black tourmaline alongside an amethyst crystal to her. She is just 30 years old. Poor child. May her mother be rescued like mine was. This girl deserves a break.

~ John's turning up tomorrow. He's picking the last appliance along with a surprise check from my end 😉😉😉

~ My fruit man is on the lookout for an extra hand. I so love his love for my father. Isn't that cute? All old folks were wiped out in my floor (exception being mother). I scooped my hands in gratitude to the garbage chief man.

~ And Dr Joy, your gratitude for your spouse had always filled me with joy. Thank you. Gratitude recharges magically 🙏

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  • Posted by Margazhi
  • Jun 15, 2021
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