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🐈 Our Purrfect Little Visitor

--by Mish, posted Jun 15, 2021

🐈 “It is impossible for a lover of cats to banish these alert, gentle, and discriminating friends, who give us just enough of their regard and complaisance to make us hunger for more.”  ~ Agnes Repplier

Our favorite feral cat, Doofus, visits us almost daily at sunrise 🌅 & sunset 🌇. Husband is outside at dawn stretching & we sit outside after dinner at sunset. It’s so lovely a daily lovefest with Doofus. Sometimes she comes to me when I might go out mid-day to take a nature break outside. ❤️ 🐈. She loves to be petted & cant get enough.  We are happy to oblige 😉

~ Art by Olga Suvorova

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  • Posted by Mish
  • Jun 15, 2021
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