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Unexpected Day Of Joy Each ...

--by TC, posted Jul 21, 2021

Unexpected Day of Joy
Each of us has gone through times where the seems there is nothing but chaos, heartache, and trouble throughout our days. When this happens, it feels as if the unsettled times will never end. Then we experience a day that is simple, easy, and filled with unexpected joy. It is not planned it just happens. When we have an unexpected, beautiful day it fills our hearts with light. The chaos may still be going on around us but on this day, it does not affect us. On this day there is a buffer between us and the chaos. Such a day give us room to breathe, to bring balance back into our lives so that when we are faced with more chaos, we have had the breather we needed to handle it with ease and grace. Picture taken and written by T.C.

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  • Posted by TC
  • Jul 21, 2021
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