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Gifted Hour

--by Balou, posted Jul 22, 2021

Gifted hour
An acquaintance of mine is quite self-centered, which sometimes makes it a challenge for me to spend time with her. She does not have many friends (...), so it is mostly her contacting me once every several weeks to meet and go for a walk.
I agreed to spend time with her today, but yesterday I got a message from her asking if we could meet an hour earlier than agreed upon, because the weather forecast prognosed higher temperatures (it's supposed to stay below 80°F ... ok, everybody has a different perceptions as to cold and hot ...). No problem, I agreed ...
... today, just as I was preparing to leave for meeting with her, she called me, asking if we could again postpone our meeting to the original time as she had not slept well 😂.
My first reaction was being annoyed, but I quickly had to laugh ... and in the end she 'gifted' me this hour I now spend checking in at KS, because otherwise I probably would have planned something else, something work related ...
I even debated of thanking her for the gifted hour when seeing her later, but I think she would not understand the irony and either feel hurt or encouraged to be even more unreliable in the future and I don't want either .... So, have a nice day, I am now off to a nice walk 🤗

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  • Posted by Balou
  • Jul 22, 2021
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