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The Last Bits ☺️

--by Margazhi, posted Jul 25, 2021

As a last bit to my neighbour D, I spoke to our family friend. She said she will speak to her adult children and see which one can guide her with bringing D's mum to the US ... earlier, I put her in touch with an NGO that focuses on the elderly and gave out phone numbers of homes and professionals that offer elderly care. Poor D's challenges are extended by her own family apparently. Corona wasn't enough. Last but not the least, handed out a lil cash, few crystals, a book on acceptance by Jeff Foster and (my favourite part) father's incense sticks and candles to D alongside helping her teeny tiny bit with shifting. This is the best I can do for her ☺️

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  • Posted by Margazhi
  • Jul 25, 2021
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