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The Awake Mercy Home- The Home For Destitutes.

--by solver, posted Oct 2, 2011

“This is my village and here is my home” mutters Velankanni an orphan, living in The Awake Mercy Home, at a remote village called Kanniadi in Dindigul district in Tamilnadu, India. Velankanni is 16, and studies in twelth standard with a dream of becoming a software engineer.

The sun was over our head, myself with my friends, Tshewang, Atiraj (daju), Hem Kumar Adhikari, Ponu Sodharshan and Anish had this joys visit to this Awake Mercy Home, one fine Sunday, where we were joined by mom and dad of my friend Divya from Kerala and in fact they were our guides to that place.

This was sure a dream comes true to me, as I always wished to visit it, ever since I heard it from my friend Divya.

Awake Mercy home is a home for the orphan and poor children and even some old people had found a save living room there. Started 10 years ago by N. Krishna Moorthy, who himself had married an orphan lady had taken this noble act to provide and safeguard the poor children of god.

It’s a safe haven for 32 orphans and poor children from in and around Dindigul district; it provides no less comfort to these children than being on the mother’s lap.

With a comfortable concrete building with serene beauty of the green village, with bed rooms, TV room, study and prayer rooms. Children of various age groups and standards from classes four to degree stays there, sharing the joys of being in that glorious family of Awake.

Beside the daily study hours and various recreational for the little children they are also groomed with spiritual practices, such as prayers and yoga.

What keep these children unique from the rest are their smile, discipline and diligence gaze. You shall be greeted with smile and welcome note as you enter the gate and you feel them not less than your own sons and daughters.

Their smile and those soft voices share both their pains and joys of being born in this world. The little children who have lost the care of their parents and brothers and sisters have found a house here. The hardness of life and pain of being orphan although couldn’t be forgotten but as well cannot beat the lighting hopes of these children, their smile wipes their tears and their laughter closes their cries, which the simple gaze over their brilliant eyes forecasts the hope for their brighter hope and glory of life.

How lovely those children are, I find no suitable word to write it down, and sure, they would one day be a missionaries to carry and furnish the world with love and compassion and light the world.


(The Home for Destitutes)

3/2/69, 3rd Ward, K. Maniyakaranpatti, Kanniadi (PO)

Dindigul Dt. 624705, Tamilnadu, South India

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  • Posted by solver
  • Oct 2, 2011
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