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5 Big Kind Acts Of The Week!!! Kindness In Parallel To Work!!!

--by TheHuman, posted Sep 14, 2021

Kindness To Grand Mother:

When I am in bed room and working then my Grand Mother is not coming into the room. She said that if she comes and sleeps in bed room then that might disturb my work. In the Hall room the child is not allowing grand mother to sleep and there is disturbance in Hall room. Due to these things grand mother is not getting a place to sleep and rest during the day. I said grand mother to come into bed room and sleep on the other bed and it will not disturb me. Today she slept peacefully in bed room. Grand Mother gave us so many things from childhood. The Grand Son should take care of her sleep. I behaved like a good Grand Son. Thanks to KindSpring for uplifting kindness inside me.


Today is Lord Ganesh Festival. Mother did lot of work from morning. At Lunch mother asked me whether I will eat food at that time. I said I will eat later. After I am ready to eat food, I found Mother sleeping. There are 3 cases: Case A - I will wake up mother. Case B - I will eat only after mother wakes up. Case C: I will keep food myself and eat. I know mother don't sleep many nights due to tensions and pressures. Hence mother's sleep is very important. I didn't wakeup mother. I gave importance to her sleep. I am HUNGRY from 15 minutes. I found she woke up after 15 minutes. What a great achievement for me - My mother slept for 15 more minutes as I didn't disturb her sleep. Thanks to KindSpring for uplifting Kindness inside me.


A Great thing happened today at office. We are 4 members in our team including team lead. We all ask team lead when we get doubts. But my colleague asked me today. My colleague asked "I have doubts, are you free?". I am busy in learning but I felt I can help him. He called me on Zoom. Today I gave 1 hour of my time for clarifying his doubts. Today I completed my assignment fast and have enough time so that I am able to give him one hour of my time. Few days back I am kind to Grand Mother. Then I am Kind to Mother. Today I am kind to my colleague. I am responsible person because I am doing Job and earning some money. I am a kind person in parallel. I realized I can be kind and at the same time I can do my job/duty etc. I am feeling BLISS because today I helped someone in parallel to my job. Thank You KindSpring for uplifting kindness inside me.


I am in contact with editor for my book. I asked my questions about the publication of book. In the end I said, "Thank You for doing your duty well. Good. Keep it up!". We generally don't appreciate small things. I hope this small appreciation brightened up the Book editor.


I noticed a great change at home. Today while working, mother gave me apples, sweet and chana daal. Before me started job, mother used to say "keep tea yourself", "go and eat yourself" etc. My mother wants me to do work earlier. Now I am working from 14 days. Now mother is showing love with happiness. If I am standing on my feet for 14 days, my parents are flying in the sky. Imagine if I continue work for 1 year and then marry a girl, my parents will feel BLISS. I am happy that GOOD days are coming for me.

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  • Sep 14, 2021
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