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Unscrupulous Behavior There Are Those ...

--by TC, posted Oct 13, 2021

Unscrupulous Behavior
There are those who take advantage of people when they at their most vulnerable. They knowingly seek out the lonely, the sick and the grieving. Where once their crimes were done in person they are now done through the anonymity of the internet. They create scams to defraud people out of their saving, using the loneliness and sorrow of others for their own profit. With these callous crimes they not only rob people of their money they also rob them of their peace of mind. When we hear about such crimes, we often forget that they are done by a small group of the population. We shake our heads and wonder what the world is coming too. It is hard to remember that most people are honest, caring, and compassionate and would never take advantage of anyone. We find ourselves angrily judging the unscrupulous behaviour. But who does our judgement and anger hurt? Those who are willing to commit such crimes will not be affected by how we feel. Our anger festers and colours our thoughts and robs us of our inner peace. What are we to do when face with such a situation? First report it to those who have the tools to track and shut down the online scams. Sharing our experience even if we feel foolish for having fallen prey to the scam so that others will be armed with the information, they need to protect themselves. And finally find a way to let go of our anger, our grief, and our judgment so that we can move on with our lives with a sense of ease and grace. Picture taken and written by TC.

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  • Posted by TC
  • Oct 13, 2021
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