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Early Snow ❄️

--by mindyjourney, posted Oct 13, 2021

The early snow surprised a poor robin who I noticed was sheltering in a nearby tree, probably regretting not flying south! So, after a little research, I discovered that robins will eat cut-up fruit. Dug out the hanging platform feeder and hung under the eave, where it’s a little protected from the wind. Robin found it right away!

Thank goodness that we had some warning of the coming weather, so we could prepare. It gave me a chance to trade in my sandals for boots, put the immersible heater in the birdbath, fill water jugs (when we lose power the well pump goes out), place snovels near doors, etc….

We did lose power last night, but thankfully for only a few hours.  Prayers for those electric crews 🙏.

Lost quite a few branches and trees, which means a lot of cleaning up when the weather clears. Custodians of 10 acres of pine forest can be quite a challenge!

Grateful for a warm home, electricity, water, provisions and the opportunity to provide some winter support of creatures. Even a few deer stopped by for a snack.

*Platform feeder up the ridge toppled over with the weight of a fallen tree! Poor crows. That was their morning meal station. MisterM said that’s one of his first repairs when it’s safe to go outside :).

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  • Posted by mindyjourney
  • Oct 13, 2021
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