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Self-love (2)

--by Margazhi, posted Oct 13, 2021

Self-Love (2)

Someone asked me to make time for their mission. I couldn't let them know back then: if there is one I gotta make time, it's me. Why else must my feet and ankles be pissed at me? So, here I go, I now (m/t)ake the time to carry out morning and evening rituals for my mental health (it's been a crazy life so far). Love the way Hazel, my Tarot reader, sees this effortlessly (she acknowledges how it's hard to sit and levitate when the ground is giving way and that standing on firm ground is obviously the first chore to undertake): love people who are real about kindness and spirituality ... she's just 30

I keep asking this during the entire day and night: No matter the outer conditions, help me start and restart my day with cheer, vigour and renewed confidence. No matter the outer conditions, help me end my day with calm, deep and invigorating sleep.

I begin the day with gratitude for my Spirit Team, both in flesh and ether, for making my previous day meaningful. I ask of their support to make today meaningful too. I play chants that I am drawn to, to help face those outer conditions for the day. I rub and talk to my crystals because I am in a relationship with them. And I release what failed in the evening and play soft music to help relieve me of the city life in the evenings. It's overwhelming to transform from hermit to a peacock but I am sizing up to it, to the extent I can.

I make a point to eat 3x a day and honour those that make my life easier. I think of my grandparents and my beloved brother in Spirit because the love of family matters. I smile when I see 21, 74, 89, 71, 78, 62 because these take me straight back to them. Not even the Divine can guarantee a smooth sail but I have my stones that remind me of surrender and detachment to outcomes that failed and outcomes that propped. Looking forward to establishing these within.

This post is not dedicated to experts but those that struggle to arrive here. My own stay in the Spiritual Town let me see how the Divine is found the most in the poorest of poor and insanest of the insane. Off I go to clean my room 💗

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  • Posted by Margazhi
  • Oct 13, 2021
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