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Do It Good 😊

--by Margazhi, posted Nov 25, 2021

Reconciliation with Mr V

While I may not interact with Mr V like before, and knowing well how cold he can get (rushing in and out of the dynamic still is a call for moderation: I have asked myself if I did or do that to any), I recollected him with due gratitude yesterday and let him know B's efforts. He responded (surprisingly warm) later in the evening but I knew why I did this. My motive has always been one: to see my father's soul rest in peace, abd anyone that appeased him is accruing parmitas (Spiritual brownies). Mr V deserved to hear my part of credits for him. Gratitude matters a lot to me.

PS. The hermit in me is warming up to people slowly. And the least I share is metta (loving kindness). How others behave to us is not in our hands but how we behave to them is in our control. Do it good 😊

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  • Posted by Margazhi
  • Nov 25, 2021
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