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A New Author's Kindness To Me

--by Helenconnell2, posted May 14, 2022

I often read books to review through an app. Recently, I thought one called 'A Midlife Holiday' sounded fun so I requested to read it. I've been reading it on and off and it is quite funny.

When I checked my emails this morning, there was one from the author who has published it independently because she was turned down by a number of publishers. She was asking for people to review her book. I replied saying I was enjoying what I'd read and would write a review when I had time - I gave her a brief summary of the reasons why I hadn't finished it. She replied to forget about the review and if I like it she'll send me the next one to read.

I thought it was so kind and thoughtful.

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  • Posted by Helenconnell2
  • May 14, 2022
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