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What Are The Qualities ...

--by Rajni, posted May 14, 2022

What are the qualities we must cultivate if we wish to lead noble, godly lives? Bhagawan reminds us so that we may learn and transform our lives.

People talk about spiritual exercises and waste their lives. All these pursuits are a waste of time. It is enough if you develop sacred feelings. The chief sadhana (spiritual exercise) consists of getting rid of bad thoughts and cultivating good qualities. Whatever pilgrim center you may visit, try to shed your bad tendencies. Develop good qualities instead. You should try to do good to those that have done harm to you. You must forget the harm done by others and also the good you have done to others. So you should forget what needs to be forgotten and remember those things that require to be remembered. What are the things you have to remember? The good that others have done to you. You must remember the good that has been done to you as something sacred. You must express your gratitude to them. Make all your actions conform to righteousness (dharma). Whatever actions you do remembering God will get sanctified thereby.
- Divine Discourse, May 11, 1998.

There is no greatness in doing good to those who do you good. The superior being is one who returns good for evil. - Baba

Rajni: Give and forget, receive and remember is what I do. This is the reason, I do not post very often. Another thing is, God is the real does so taking whole credit for good deed is not fair. 

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  • May 14, 2022
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