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Fergus, Gary, Learning Stuff

--by dotmatrix, posted Aug 5, 2022

I wrote this down to remember it: "vision-based magnetoreception."

Loved the links. I'm learning a lot. Thank you!

So this may or may not be Fergus (top middle). Lost my glasses a while ago so I can't really see the pics well and, in IRL, less so. He's big but his head looks more dove than a turkey vulture.

The kitty in the photo is Gary whose staff lives in the house on the other side of our driveway. We've lived here for over ten years and when I call to him and talk to him, he does that cute turning-over-on-his-back thing but never close enough to allow me to pet him. Today he let me pet him for about 1.5 seconds. He's a really pretty cat. He's also kind. He allows Fergus to eat some of his food.

The bottom right pic is of a black walnut seed from our neighbor's tree. These are all over our backyard (or garden as they say in the UK right? I'm learning how to speak UK English from my granddaughters). =) Black walnuts have great medicinal value. Ben taught me some of what he learned about plant healing but only a little. I still have the notes and plan to add to them as time allows.  


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  • Posted by dotmatrix
  • Aug 5, 2022
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