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--by ali.gray56, posted Aug 18, 2022

69 species of bats in Belize. Which I did not know! Do see them flying at dusk around. They hang out in the roofs of houses that haven’t been properly sealed, or houses that are unoccupied. I see them as insect killers and we have so many to be eaten! Unfortunately unless the spiders are in a web the bat accidentally crashes thru, they don’t get eaten! I need an anteater and something that eats spiders to come live in my yard! “Caught” a bat one time in my classroom. Went in in the morning & he was hanging on a curtain, when I turned the light on he flew & crashed to the ground. I put a bowl over him & called for maintenance to come handle. Took them 45 minutes to arrive & they insisted I was wrong, it wasn’t a bat. Of course the guy peeked under the bowl & immediately radioed in, “She’s correct, it’s a bat” he had no idea what to do. One of my students (special education) by then the students had arrived, said to slide cardboard under the bowl & bat, then carry it outside & place it under the building (we were housing in a trailer), take the bowl away & at night the bat would fly away. So, that what I did since the maintenance guy wasn’t having anything to do with a bat. Later I asked the student how he knew what to do, he told be they had bats come in a couple times a week into his house & he didn’t want them killed so that’s what he did. The bat was gone the next morning when we checked. That’s my bat story.

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  • Posted by ali.gray56
  • Aug 18, 2022
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