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Gather Our Thoughts Our Thoughts ...

--by TC, posted Aug 19, 2022

Gather Our Thoughts
Our thoughts are scattered like leaves in the autumn breeze, flitting from topic to topic creating a jumble of broken thoughts and ideas. As they race around in our minds, we may become stuck there leaving us unable to make any major decisions. There is no balance or equilibrium in our minds. How do we gather our thoughts, so they become organized and clear? For some journaling is the answer. Once the thoughts and ideas are down on paper things become clear and decisions are easily made. For others it is walking in nature, perhaps focusing on what they see and hear or allowing the peace they find in nature to soothe and calm their trouble minds. Some people meditate, going into the inner silence to find they answers they need there. And as I write this an image of slowly raking leaves came to mind, gathering them in our arms and placing them in the appropriate basket to be composted and turned into something useful. So we gather our thoughts, placing them where they need to be, some we let go of, some we set aside for a later date and some we put into practice right away. And soon our scattered thoughts become orderly and balance is restored. Picture taken and written by T.C.

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  • Posted by TC
  • Aug 19, 2022
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