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The Eowyn Challenge 2022

--by DotMatrix, posted Sep 10, 2022

This challenge is going forward on schedule, mostly because it's already been written since the first one five years ago. All welcome.


The 2022 Eowyn Challenge
Bag End to Rivendell | On September 23rd, early in the evening, Frodo, Sam, and Pippin slipped away from Bag End. (Fellowship of the Ring, Chapter 3, “Three Is Company”). The “official” story of their leaving is that Frodo is moving to Crick Hollow and Sam and Pippin are to accompany and help him. The real story is that Frodo is the bearer of the One Ring. He must take the Ring to Elrond in Rivendell while trying to stay hidden from the Black Riders of Mordor. | Join us as we travel Earth miles which we'll track through Middle Earth. Every day there will be milestones marking our path as well as daily opportunities for SRAoKs (small random acts of kindness). There are also lots of tools for charting normal workouts and converting those into miles to be tracked on Middle Earth. Most people cannot keep up with the pace of the hobbits and Strider during this first part of the journey, but it's fun to try. =) ♡.
Challenge Host: Dassa Fleam of Buckland

All miles traveled on earth (and all movement can be translated into miles) will be noted along this journey in Middle Earth. Every major milestone traveled will be celebrated with Karma bucks and digital awards.  This is my 16th year hosting these challenges in one place or another online. It's loads of fun.  If you choose a Middle Earth race and name for the challenge, I'll also make you an avatar.  

More here:


Hobbit Day (Get Your Geek On)


All welcome!
♡. Challenge Host: Dassa Fleam of Buckland
and her faithful steed Solomon (my stationary bike)

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