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How Did She Know? ...

--by Rajni, posted Sep 22, 2022

How did she know? by Nadine Chandler, Winthrop, Massachusetts

I was driving cross-country to start a new job. What began as a fun adventure turned into a nightmare when I realized I had run through most of my money and still had a ways to go. I pulled over and let the tears flow. That’s when I noticed the unopened farewell card my neighbor had shoved in my hand as I left. I pulled the card out of the envelope, and $100 dropped out—just enough to get me through the remainder of my trip. Later, I asked my neighbor why she had enclosed the money. She said, “I had a feeling it would help.”

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Rajni: Our good karma plays its part in the unexpected help we get. Also, God is Omniscient. He inspires neighbor in this story to include $100 in farewell card.

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  • Sep 22, 2022
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