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Cute Little Kind Acts 🙂

--by TheHuman, posted Sep 22, 2022

Our Neighbor at home drinks juice made of neem leaves. He is struggling to get neem leaves. In the neighborhood of our shop there is neem tree. We took neem leaves enough for around 4 days and we are in the process of giving these leaves to Neighbor when we reach home.

A customer came for rice bag. We took 100 INR less and gave better rice bag. We asked him to give 100 INR later. He don't have extra money. He said he will give money of 100 INR later.

A person asked for helmet he forgot. I gave him his helmet. I lifted rice bag for him. He said, "Thank You".

Our Neighbor asked for huge amount of money. We believe in him. We gave him thousands of INR as he requested.

A person asked for 200 INR. He is known person. We gave him money. He said he will pay back next time when he comes.

All Neighbors at shop asked about my health. I felt connected with them.

Today I watched 3 kinds of butterflies infront of our shop. Wow what a great experience 🙂

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  • Posted by TheHuman
  • Sep 22, 2022
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