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“atithi Devo Bhava” Meaning ...

--by Rajni, posted Jan 25, 2023

“Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning “Guest is God” is also the tag line of campaign in India to treat tourists as God and to develop a sense of responsibility towards our guests.

On January 23, my brother-in-law's brother, wife and sister visited me from California and stayed overnight. I treated them just as mentioned above. .I met them several times during my visits to Concord, California over last few years. .

I was hand washing my clothes. I bought laundry machine in time so they can use. Two loads done for them.

Their friend came to visit them. I gave bunch of quote cards to their friend. .

Told them, story of Fatemah whose life was changed due to quote card writing, Birthday card and positive thinking story and my experience. .

Bought Chikoo, Guava and sweet berries for them and gave remaining to take with them for trip..

Gave box of Date nuts sweets

Gave them Thermos flask to use during the trip.

They went to Rajasthan and other sightseeing places will come back on January 31st for a day or two to have Amdavad (Ahmedabad) City tour. They are visiting Ahmedabad for the first time.

I am grateful to Sri  Sathya Sai Baba for giving me opportunities to serve and guide and help me to make them a reality/ 

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  • Posted by Rajni
  • Jan 25, 2023
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