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Day 13 - Ftl Drive

--by dotmatrix, posted Mar 18, 2023


I'd go to P.E.R.N. (Anne McCaffrey) to start. I'd love to ride a dragon though I'd have to be a passenger. Dragonriders are chosen at a very young age.

I'd visit Middle Earth of course! I'd love to hang out with the hobbits after the War ended. Or travel with Gimley and Legolas on their journey through Mirkwood together.

It would be lovely to go to the world of Harry Potter and discover if I were a witch, a squib, or a muggle. I'd love to learn magic spells to clean the house like Mrs. Weasley.

There's a world in Anne Rice's The Wolf Gift I became very fond of recently. In the sequel, she introduced the Forest Gentry, mostly benign forest spirits. I've seen them so it was like coming home when I found this book last year. I used to draw them. I saw their faces in the trees.

Works of fiction I love are all the books by McCaffrey (which number at least 13 and I've read them all) Tolkien, Rowling, Rice -- too many to name.

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  • Posted by dotmatrix
  • Mar 18, 2023
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