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Today: Pretty Much Getting Back On Track And In Love With Life.

--by 4abetterworld, posted Mar 18, 2023

Went out for a drive to a lake I have walked round many times in the past and said mantras and imagined letting the love flow to Mother Nature for where it was wanted and needed. Greeted absolutely everybody I saw and said hello and got beautiful smiles and cheery hellos back.

Appreciated the unfurling of the Spring flowers and blossoms. Tried not to step on a colony of industrious ants, stopped to admire a frog. Sang a native American lullaby to the water. Oh yes and I kissed a magnificant tree.

Saw a man who looked down on his luck and silently wished him the best. Same for an older lady who looked like she was a gypsy and was getting ignored by some passers-by. Could tell by her demeanour and gait that she was disheartened and fed-up. Gave her a slightly larger coin when she approached me asking for some change.

Treated myself to a scrumptious fish roll and coffee and sat out on the market square enjoying a spot of people-watching and soaked up the happy atmosphere.

Went into a church and bought one of their handcrafted candles, put a coin into the donation box and lit another candle. 🙏🏻🕊.Spoke to the lovely curator who showed me some special artifacts depicting Archangel Michael (the church is named after him), even although he was about to close the church. He made some lovely smalltalk with me, told me to take my time and answered a quick question which turned into a special mini guided tour.

Set off in the car with the sun roof open enjoying the sun and nice breeze and sang along to some favourite tunes nice and loud.

A wonderful day all in all full of magical and lovely surprise. Not had an almost perfect day like that in a long long time.

Happy and grateful. ❤️

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  • Posted by 4abetterworld
  • Mar 18, 2023
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