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Going Extra Mile Beautifies Kindness

--by Rajni, posted Mar 18, 2023

Going Extra Mile Beautifies Kindness

Going Extra Mile is not a monopoly of customer service of businesses. We can treat needy people, strangers and all others whom we help in many ways by going extra mile.

In the past, I bought groceries for needy lady to find it is difficult for her to bring groceries home. I walked carrying her groceries to her home.

One needy lady had two kids. She was carrying one infant, so I gave money for rikshaw along with the groceries.

I walked with paddle rikshaw and delivered groceries to needy families and paid to paddle rikshaw driver so the needy families do not have to carry groceries. .

Once I bought groceries for two families. Their school girls came to the supermarket to pick up the groceries. I did not want them to reach school late, I paid for rikshaw to them.

10 Outstanding Examples Of Going An Extra Mile In Customer Service

The image was derived separately.

It is my experience that going extra mile is never crowded.

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  • Posted by Rajni
  • Mar 18, 2023
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