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My Soul Is Ageless. Sometimes ...

--by drjoybug, posted May 25, 2023

My soul is ageless.
Sometimes I wake up and I'm five.
I still want to believe in magic and pixie dust...
Sometimes I wake up and I'm 15.
I have strength and I feel I can change the world...
Sometimes I wake up and I'm 30.
I step on the earth, but I know I can fly...
Sometimes I wake up and I'm 60.
I have the experience and I want to share.
Offer the tranquility and wisdom of time,
that doesn't stop, that heals, that heals...
Sometimes I wake up and I don't know how old I am and
nor how many passed.
And it's in the soul, full of love and memories
that I feel all ages,
showing me a rich and precious life.
And that's where I find my great treasure,
a beautiful patchwork quilt,
unique, original and that bears my signature.
And on it is written:

Credit unknown - I had a hunt around and couldn’t find the author - let me know if you have a name.
Gorgeous digital art by Jonas Peterson

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  • Posted by drjoybug
  • May 25, 2023
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