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I Love You, I Thank You, I Respect You. 💧♥️

--by 4abetterworld, posted Sep 17, 2023

This morning I decided to strive to drink more water throughout the day in order to be the best possible version of myself for those I will interact as of today - loved ones, friends, acquaintances, neighbours and colleagues. And for myself as I tend to have poor concentration and dry skin - a sure sign of being dehydrated. Thanks to the world of technology in the form of an excellent water app that reminds me to drink sufficient water. Thanks to living in a society where I constantly have access to clean water - I just need to turn on a tap or can buy good water in glass bottles that get recycled. Thanks to Dr Masuro Emoto for his reminder that "If each one of us starts thinking, learning, and understanding more about water and the fact that we are water-based ourselves, then we can start to love, thank, and respect water in our daily lives".

I have a few of Dr Emoto's ebooks and in one of them he talked about the importance of honouring water and hence ourselves because we mainly consist of water. In the past I used to say "I love you, I thank you, I respect you" before I drank water as a kind of mantra / token of appreciation. (I personally trust his wisdom because in the past I tried out his rice / water experiment and agree with his theory that water stores energy as I had the same results: watery rice that is sworn at and ignored will turn mouldy whereas watery rice that receives vibrations of love and appreciation will remain a beautiful white colour.) Anyway as of today, I vow to continue my little habit of drinking my water from a high vibration of love and appreciation again because I want to appreciate myself, those in my circle of trust and Mother Nature in the form of water. This also ties in with indigenous philosophies that we are all related - something very close to my heart.

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  • Posted by 4abetterworld
  • Sep 17, 2023
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