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Setting Healthy Boundaries It Took ...

--by TC, posted Sep 18, 2023

Setting Healthy Boundaries
It took accepting a friend request from a man I did not know to realize I needed to created better boundaries not only on Facebook but in other areas as well. I’m not sure why I accepted the request as it is something I don’t normally do. It quickly became apparent that he wanted more than friendship. I immediately unfriended him and restricted his access to me. Thankfully that is what the security features are for. It is okay not to accept every friend request we receive, to block or restrict someone if they become too persistent. It is not healthy to allow someone to spill their toxic behaviour into our life whether in person or through social media or by telephone. It is okay to walk away, to put distance between yourself and the problem, to hang up the phone and not answer if you can see it is someone who will upset you. It is not mean or cruel to protect yourself from another person’s negativity. It doesn’t mean that we don’t help others or listen when they need a friend. It is setting healthy boundaries to ensure we do not become overwhelmed or put ourselves in an unhealthy relationship. I know I have learned a valuable lesson and will be more careful with whom I choose to interact with in the future. Thankfully not every friend request is predatory and often when a friend calls to vent it is just that, nothing to upset us or disturb our inner peace. Social media is a useful tool to stay in touch with others, but we need to be mindful of how we use it to remain safe and comfortable. Picture taken and written by T.C.

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  • Posted by TC
  • Sep 18, 2023
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