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Gifts Received From Sister For Positive Qualities/points/features Inside Me. Thank You Sister!

--by TheHuman, posted Sep 18, 2023

Sister identified positive qualities/points/features inside me.

She gave me 6 gifts for my features.

Gift1 for - Appreciation
Gift2 for - Gratitude
Gift3 for - Respect for all creatures great and small
Gift4 for - Kindness
Gift5 for - Love
Gift6 for - 1) your friendship, 2) your thoughful uplifting words, 3) your mutual love and respect of insects, animals as well as mother nature. 4) And your gratitude for our other brothers and sisters here. 5) Thank you for being you. Enjoy the gifts and spread those kindness ripples. 6) Sending you my very last gifts shortly because I know you will pay it forward and put a smile on somebody's face.

Sister, thank you for sending gifts and appreciating my positive qualities/points/features.

I am feeling good about me now.

I got ENERGY! Wow! Thank You Sister!

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  • Posted by TheHuman
  • Sep 18, 2023
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