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❤️ Self-care….

--by Mish, posted Nov 20, 2023

Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it.” ~ Helen Keller

🧘 Limiting my exposure to media news is self-care for me…..

💗“I don’t believe our hearts and souls were actually designed to take in this much suffering at such a bewildering speed. We are not fully equipped to accept daily violence as run of the mill, same old same old, with a resigned and deadened casualness. I’m not a research psychologist who studies the human psyche, I am just a songwriter and poet. But what I believe I am encountering is a movement in media that turns a profit by selling us fear and secondary trauma. Because there are currently no guardrails on this kind of media, I must choose to guard my tender heart, to keep it safe in a way that makes sure that cruelty is never normalized, in a manner that allows me keep an open heart and continue to live with real compassion.” ~ Carrie Newcomer (from A Gathering of Spirits blog)

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  • Posted by Mish
  • Nov 20, 2023
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