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Three Days Of Kindness ...

--by Rajni, posted Mar 21, 2024

Three days of Kindness (March 19-21, 2024)

Gave some quote cards , Sri Ram’s photos to Utthan. Gave some quote cards, Shri Ram Photos and positive thinking books to my Divine sister.

Again , made and gave shiro for sick old lady

At the bank, kept door open for customers. Gave some quote cards and Sri Ram’s photos to bank customers and staff. One bank employee helped filling form for my friend SD. I thanked him and gifted him an inspiring book.

Greeted many people with smiles. Received many s,iles in return. Also received many smiles of gratitudes after giving quote cards and Shri Ram’s photos and cracking jokes.

At bus stop and in the bus, I gave many quote cards and Shri Rama’s photos during all of my bus rides.

Cracked many jokes with people during these three days.

At the supermarket, let two people behind me buy before me. Bought and gave groceries to needy people.

Gave plenty of Sri Ram’s photos during my all bus rides.

Told intense Positive Thinking story, Fatemah’s story and gave some booklets on Positive Thinking.

Organic Farmer’s market kindness continues on Thursday. Giving many quote cards, bookmarks, positive thinking booklet.

Thursday March 21st was very precious day of my life, for I had darshan of Shri Hardik Ratnasuri Maharaj, a Jain Acharya. I received 3 books by him. They do not accept money so I donated money in Jinalay (Jain Temple) next door.

I have read his book, Pilgrimage to Himaliyas on feet. He goes places all over India walking on bare feet. Stayed among fierce animals without any fear in Himalaya forests and cold weather with very little clothings. I gifted many quote cards and two books by Ramesh Tanna and two inspiring books, all in Gujarati to the host.

Sent inspiring emails to my contacts on Wednesday.

Love for mother Earth honored by saving water after doing dishes and laundry and using it for flushing toilet as usual.. I also cut open the toothpaste that I can no loner squeeze to use. After cutting open, I used toothpaste found there in for 3 days. I read this tip in UK news about 5o years ago during recession there. Ever since, I practice this, showing love for mother earth.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for all the opportunities sending my way and His help and manifest them.

I am also grateful to all the people who helped me.

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  • Posted by Rajni
  • Mar 21, 2024
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