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Project Jody, A Cadence For Life

--by redstar, posted Nov 5, 2007

Project "Jody A Cadence for life" started with a simple request to help out our Veterans in the hospitals. The request was for books and magazines. I immediately got on the internet and emailed everyone I knew with help in collecting books and magazines. The first load was about 350 books. The next was larger. I have now collected and donated over 15 000 (fifteen thousand) books and magazines to the VAMC in OK City. This is just since January 2007. I had to set the beat to get others involved and excited so I thought of the word cadence. It just so happens that a "Jody" is a cadence. Hence "Project Jody A Cadence for life". It is giving in all areas that the veterans need. The project has now grown to include the small shampoos conditioners soaps and lotions that you get when you stay at an inn or hotel. The head of the Volunteer Services at the VAMC "Veterans Administration Medical Center" asked if "I could get undershorts for the veterans?" In the last month I have collected over 200 in the underwear department. I have just started!!! I also have collected new Su Doku Crossword and Brain Teasing books for the TBI "traumatic brain injury" unit. I deliver them or if someone from the DAV (photo shown)can take some they do. I live in Wichita Falls Texas. It takes two and a half hours to drive the donations to the hospital one way. I talk to everyone I know about what I am doing. I am now making lap quilts for the wheelchair bound and we will start collecting coats at the beginning of October. We have veterans that get weekend passes and day passes and these items help with the quality of life. This project has everything to do with our freedoms that have been earned through our veterans and the sacrifices they have made. I took a group of young ladies (Rainbow Girls) to the VAMC for Easter weekend where they donated their time visiting and giving out gifts for Easter. This is a project that I envision as a beginning cadence for any organization needing an avocation.

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  • Posted by redstar
  • Nov 5, 2007
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