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Kindness Project-it's Completed!

--by MakeSomeoneSmile, posted Aug 5, 2008

Hello everyone!

Round 2 of my kindness project went great! During our last trip, people were not too receptive of us as we tried to give out our envelopes containing the 2 smile cards, dollar and note. Because of that, little Rachel and I anonymously left them for people to find on chairs and tables of a local mall. We had a lot of fun doing that.
For round 2, we wanted to try again to make it a little more interactive. Rachel and I talked about ideas (she's a very smart little 4 1/2 year old!) and decided we would compromise. Instead of just leaving them on an empty table, we decided to walk through the eating area of another mall and set them on the tables where people were sitting. That way people would get them but not feel uncomfortable if we tried to hand it to them directly and we could see who received them. As we made our way through the area my little princess and I would take turns setting them on people's tables. This went great! They would smile at us, a few thanked Rachel and we kept walking the entire time. We gave out nearly 50 of them in 10 minutes. We smiled and laughed as we left. We still had about a dozen or so left, even after we had mailed a few to some people we knew would pay it forward!
For the last batch, I decided to give them out at the hospital on Monday. I knew I would be there anyway and I figured that people visiting there could surely use a smile. I found 2 waiting rooms that were perfect to give out the last for my project. I set each envelope and told each group "I hope this makes you smile" and walk off.
I would like to thank the helpothers team for allowing me the chance to make my project a reality. My daughter and I had a great time doing this and we know whether we hear from them or not that it will have touched a few hearts out there. More importantly to me, I had a chance to provide some "on the job training" for a future helpothers member, my daughter Rachel. She wants to do it again and we most certainly will do something. Thanks to all of you for your support and for allowing me to share this with you. Everything matters, no matter how small the act. I was able to witness that firsthand with this project and it has truly changed me!

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  • Posted by MakeSomeoneSmile
  • Aug 5, 2008
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