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Catching The Chalking Spirit

--by beemedha, posted Aug 14, 2008

There was about 15 of us folks chalking in front of downtown Berkeley BART station.  We started with about 10... as the momentum increased and we gained more energy and creative inspiration.  In the beginning, many stopped briefly out of curiousity but mostly gave weird stares.  After there was some art on the beautiful red stones in the area, people stopped for longer and longer. 

Folks came by with cameras... others joined in.  This one particular man in a suit came out of the station, looking like he'd had a pretty long day.  But he stopped long enough to read some of the messages.  Our eyes met so I asked him how his day was going? He said it was good but it had just gotten better-- he had a huge smile on his face.  He was excited by what he was seeing and reading.  So I asked him to join us.  And he said no no, I dont have time but thank you and this is wonderful what you all are doing, thank you so much.  I said ok, well its up to you. 

About 15 minutes later, I looked up and he was still around, almost mesmerized by the art.  He had talked to someone on the phone... changing his plans for the evening perhaps.  He then came over and said you know, I think I do have a message afterall. 

I gave him some chalk and he wrote his beautiful message:

"Life is another word for GOD"

He had indeed caught the chalking spirit.

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  • Posted by beemedha
  • Aug 14, 2008
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