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Mackintyres Church

--by tressyanne, posted Sep 29, 2008


Hello everyone, smiles to you. I am finally back in the swing of things and getting back to some order in my life. The kids are still keeping me on my toes but i wouldnt trade it for the world. My daughter has now been driving for a month now and my heart still sinks when she drives down the driveway.  But I have learned some important lessons in the last few weeks. When my daughter's best friend had her 9 year old brother  Mackintyre pass away suddenly one morning with an aneurysm a few weeks ago, it was a wake up call for me. I am always rushing and  running around wishing the day would get over, wish the kids were older, always to busy to stop and smell the roses as one  would say.  The poem that I shared with you all the other day, "Live a Life that Matters" hit me like nothing else ever has.  I now want to enjoy every single moment and treasure each and every moment with my kids and husband and have just really realized that we may not have tonight or even tommorow.

 Mackintyre's mom Stacey is so strong. I admire her strength in her faith and how she is dealing with the loss of her son suddenly.  I truely dont think I could be that strong.She made a website for Mackintyre. He was a 9 year old little boy who wanted to build a church.  I am sending you the link so you can read about him. It will make you stop and think that if a little 9 year old boy wanted to spread good deeds, good words, good actions, that us as adults should have no problems with doing the very same thing.  I have learned more in the last few weeks from this tragedy than i ever thought i would. I have learned that in the time of need, your family and friends and neighbors and complete strangers will be there for you. 

 It is nice to know that  most people are generous beyond words. We just have to remember "What goes around comes around."  If we are good and kind, then others will be good and kind too. 

Smiles to you.


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  • Posted by tressyanne
  • Sep 29, 2008
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