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Kneeling With a Bouquet of Flowers

--by eris, posted Oct 8, 2008

My cousin Heidi was stricken around age 16 with a debilitating disease, which took her life about 20 years later. As the disease progressed, she became wheelchair bound and unable to easily communicate (I'm not sure of the disease -- it may have been a combination, including Parkinson's).

When she was in her late 20's, she would often have her mother take her out into the front yard when the weather was nice so that she could sit in her wheelchair and watch the cars pass by. One day, my aunt was doing dishes and looked out the window to see a car pulled to the side of the road and a man approaching Heidi. In a panic, she ran outside, wondering who this person was that was approaching her daughter.

When she arrived where my cousin was sitting, the man was kneeling before her placing a bouquet of flowers in her lap and smiling. He stood up to shake my aunt's hand and told her, "Everyday on my way home from work, I pass by here and see  your daughter watching the cars go by. Every Friday, I buy my wife a bouquet of flowers on my way home from work, and today I thought I would stop and give today's flowers to your beautiful daughter. My wife will understand."

The story still gives me chills and brings tears to my eyes.

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eris wrote: Stopping by to read all the comments on this post, i re-read my post and there were the chills and the tears again. This reminds me that there is still good in this often-harsh world. Thank you all for your kind words. I needed this lift today:)
syed perviaz wrote: Beautiful story it stimulates one sentiments. Love and care for other. In this way we can make this world a heaven in reality. Very impressive story
N.T.Nair wrote: I am sure it will prompt many others to do some such acts of empathy or affection and the world will get better and better. Let it be a contagious action.
Rohit wrote: The gesture shown by the man is really very appreicable, i wish and will to implement it in my life also.
Sky wrote: One random act of kindness can change the world.
TUNDE wrote: Without a doubt there's joy in sharing. What a soul-touching story -if only we can continue to love and care for others the way we want to be loved and cared for.
grace wrote: I loved that story, it was beautiful!

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sethi wrote: Touched , moved and inspired. There are lots of good people in this world.
Lola wrote: This act of kindness spread around is "change we can believe in".
Alka Bhatnagar wrote: It is simple with postive empact. To change once's life

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