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Small Acts Of Kindness Add Up

--by nflowers1228, posted Oct 11, 2008

I always think I need to write about some grandiose act of kindness I performed each week, but I realized that there are lots of little acts that I'm just starting to notice.

Like one day it was a chilly 10 degrees outside and I was in the ATM (heated) cubicle. There were 2 people outside patiently waiting and I let them in so they could be warm.

Then there was the delivery man who was coming towards the door with way too many packages to carry let alone open the door.  So, I held the door open for him and it was amazing to see the big smile that resulted in that small act, from both of us.

Often times I let someone go ahead of me in line (or in traffic) because they are in a bigger hurry. Sure beats road rage :-)

I smile at people on my walk to the train station. It's amazing how many people smile back. I think it brightens both our days.

I'm noticing these small acts more and more as I read and contribute to this site. It's amazing, but it really does improve my outlook on a daily basis.

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Ilive2uplift wrote: I so agree with you.

It's the little things that truly makes us feel that warm sensation around our heart. :)
AURELIA wrote: I am so HAPPY to read your story!!! I totally agree. This site inspires and also makes us aware...on a Daily Basis. Want to feel GOOD? Log On To Helpothers Everyday! ~Aurelia
lOVEBUG wrote: I know it improve my outlook on life. God Bless
makesomeonesmile wrote: All the little things matter, thanks for caring!
wayfarer wrote: The big grandiose gestures tend to be once in a while. The little things are the way to live a caring life!
So glad to have you here!

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