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She found a transplant donor in Germany

--by lindariebel, posted Nov 24, 2015
A friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia in her 60s. Her last hope was a marrow transplant. Luckily, they found one in Germany! This lady had signed up in the donor registry years before, but wasn't a match for the child and later the teenager in her region that needed a transplant. Years went by and out of the blue she got the news that she was a match for a woman in California (my friend). The transplant was performed, and my friend fully recovered. This year she went to Germany to thank the donor and found out that this lady had received the match request two days before her wedding! She said yes, and a few weeks later became a lifesaver while still a newlywed. Here they are together.

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Zinat Fazal wrote: Angels living on earth! This was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing this.
eniola wrote: Wowza. I pray to be a selfless giver like her.
Frankalso wrote: Proof positive : the giver feels the joy of giving and the receiver the joy of a gift. Win-win!
fern514 wrote: Wow this is amazing!
DANCE wrote: Just wonderful!
terre wrote: Wonderful story! So glad both are doing well. Thank you for sharing it with us.
kjoyw wrote: Wow! This is a truly wonderful story! Such a glowing example of kindness at its best!
mish wrote: Wow..brought tears. How beautiful this was & is. 💕💕
lt33 wrote: This is beautiful story glad your friend is doing well & god bless the donor
AndiCas wrote: That's an astonishing story. So happy for your friend, and wishing there was a way to tell the German donor lady how much I admire her.

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