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Be Kind To Whoever Serves You

--by kiwicat, posted Nov 27, 2015
I took my Mum and brother to our favourite organic cafe for lunch. I chatted to the server as she took our order. My brother wondered aloud if I really did eat out all the time as everywhere we went they seemed to know me. No, they just remember me because I take the time to ask them how their day is going, and thank them with gratitude for doing their jobs. Both my sons have worked in entry-level jobs, so its in the back of my mind "do you know what, this is someone's daughter or son" and treat them as I would like my sons treated :-)
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cabbage wrote: That is so true---everyone is someone's son, daughter, brother, sister, mother, father,
And the world is a better place when we remember that and treat everyone like family.
Thank you for sharing this!
Robertaritson wrote: That is so important. The more peripheral an encounter seems then all the more important that we stop, look and listen and find it within our compass to bless that person. Nothing is insignificant. No-one is beyond recognition. The everyday is so much more exciting with this in mind.
starryskies wrote: Nice! Thanks for being kind! Xo
lt33 wrote: Very nice of you 😍
mish wrote: Spot on. I have a soft-spot for all service staff. Some people treat them like they are invisible. We all like to be appreciated & acknowledged.
kjoyw wrote: It's the connection you have with them that they remember and it's a connection of kindness and caring! Many people who work on any kind of food service are just overlooked.
Savraj wrote: Agreed! All people we interact with deserve our respect 100:/: of the time❤️And you've gone another step up by acknowledging people and giving them accolades. That's so wonderful.
splain wrote: Yes you have this so right. I treat people with great respect and if they surly I keep trying with smiling.
terre wrote: Thank you for making a point of acknowledging the people who serve you in cafes and in life in general. A little bit of kindness and appreciation goes a very long way in getting through the shift.
leoladyc728 wrote: I try to talk up my food servers too. It makes for a better experience.

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