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All Bundled Up in a Wheelchair

--by Aurelia, posted Oct 13, 2008

Yesterday I went to the card shop with my friend.  She went about her shopping and I did mine. We met at the register and paid.  Walking  together we approached the exit door. 

There was a little old soul in a wheelchair, just inside the doorway of the store.  She was wrapped up with a blanket, hat  and scraf, which was around her face.  All we could see were her eyes peeking out.  I couldn't help but wave to her as we approached the exit door.  I smiled really big and said, "Enjoy your day!"  I could not see her mouth for her smile because of the scarf, but her eyes were dancing!

My friend said, "Who was that?"  I replied, "I don't know."  She said she thought I knew the lady because I was waving as we approached her and I spoke to her.  I said, "No, I don't know her, but I'm sure she had mixed emotions about being out today on a cold day. Having to be so bundled to stay warm and then being left at the door like that by whoever brought her shopping. I just wanted her to know it's ok and that I noticed her underneath all those wrappings."

Make kindness come naturally to you.

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Readers Comments

gianjot wrote: You are right, we all need to be acknowledged - thank you for sharing.
theresa wrote: that was so nice of you to talk to her. what i don't understand is why someone would leave her outside in the cold. that is just not right.glad that you saw a way to make her day noing someone cared enough to notice her.
AURELIA wrote: Oh, I'm Sorry, I'll make a change in the story...She was on the Inside at the exit door. You almost had to trip over her to get out. ~Aurelia
lmil1954 wrote: Great story of natural kindness! Keep it up, blessed one! Linda:)
wayfarer wrote: Often when people say, "We are all God's children," they just mean people like them. But that "All" encompasses, the infirm, the neglected, the ugly, the desperate and the broken.
If we are God's children then these are our brothers and sisters.
I'm sure your Heavenly Father smiled when you recognised another one of his children, Aurelia.
PayingForward wrote: What a kind thing to do. Sounds like you were both blessed through this beautiful interaction. God bless you. :)
makesomeonesmile wrote: Your natural kindness to so many is a blessing to everyone Aurelia. Thank you so much for always caring!
Alraisi wrote: What Should I say?! Such a kind thing You did to make someone feel that he/she in not alone and wanted her to be really Happy and change something in her! I really liked it speceially when Your friend asked You if You know her or no and that was really nice from You to tell her that You don't know her but You still weaved! Thank You for letting her know that people love her and thinking of her too! Smiles are Contagious! Keep It Up...!!!

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