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Baby Shower For Charity

--by AnnC, posted Dec 1, 2015
I just received an invitation to a "Baby Shower for Charity Tea" The hostess explained in her invitation that this will be just like a regular baby shower EXCEPT all gifts will be donated to a battered women's shelter. What a fun way to get together and help others at the same time. She included a list of the most needed items which included diapers, baby bottles, clothes (for babies and small children), baby wipes, baby blankets and snugglies, pajamas (for babies and children), etc.  
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Victoria Mayo wrote: This idea is really great which everyone to follow some day.
Begao wrote: U always want others to be happy when u av realized how good it is and that u can hlp others feel it too. Enjoy.
dessalynn2 wrote: What a fun thing to be part of! We did one like that not so long ago and it is so very appreciated. We have a place these women can go to get clothing when they have job interviews also. They go to interviews with lots more confidence.
cabbage wrote: What a beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing
freyacr wrote: Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing! Have a nice day! :)
princessgaga wrote: What an awesome idea!
livingsimply wrote: What a beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing.
Robertaritson wrote: What an imaginative idea.
mindyjourney wrote: LOVE this idea, my friend <3. Thank you for sharing with us...filing in my memory banks for later consideration :))))
SaraKay wrote: I love it!

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