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Overhearing a phone conversation at Starbucks

--by ivette_t, posted Nov 25, 2015
A few months back I was waiting in line undecided on what to get at Starbucks. I noticed a woman in her mid-thirties, well dressed with a resume in her hand. One of the employees told her that the manager would be with her shortly.

While we both waited her phone rang. She started apologizing to the person on the line, "I'm truly sorry, I lost my job a few months back and I could barely pay tuition. But I promise you as soon as I can I'll buy the girls their books. Please just give me time."

I wanted to hug her right there and then. My birthday was the day before and I am obsessed with books. I got many bookstore gift cards. I knew why God put me there today. I thought of my mom and what she would say to me "come on you know what to do."

I gave her $60 dollars worth in gift cards. I did hug her and told her she was in my prayers. Thank God for putting her in my path. I hope my friends who gave me the gift cards won't get mad. Those gift cards are helping someone in need. So thank you, you helped someone today.
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Mary wrote: If she can't pay tuition and lost her job, what is she doing in starbucks? ! Still a wonderful deed was done by that person.
P-C wrote: You're my first story to read - thankyou, i am grateful to join this community
Rajni wrote: Very inspiring pass it on idea. With people like you, humanity shines. Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.
spurginhussey wrote: Hats off to you! A handsome - and of course, extremely kind - thing to do.
dtmendez wrote: I repeat what the othjers have said. Wow! And how aware of you to know how to help and then act on it.
carolec wrote: Inspiring and wonderful.
wishyoupeace wrote: Thank you for making the world a better place!
AZMary wrote: You did the best thing! The joy from those gift cards was passed on and multiplied.
JAGDISH. wrote: A true human being!
Deneen wrote: What a blessing you are. Opportunities abound if you just take the time to notice! May the goodness of your heart be rewarded with peace and joy in all that you do. When you give to those that are less fortunate, you are lending to god!

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