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Pensioner on the road

--by Haidalass, posted Dec 9, 2015
I was driving back home today on a two lane highway when I came upon an elder in a wheelchair wheeling himself into town down the middle of the road. As I slowed and pulled over four or five other vehicles passed him without slowing or stopping.

I got out and offered him a ride into town. I didn't expect him to say yes but he did. I drove him into town. As it turns out he is a pensioner living on the edge of town without a phone in a town with no transit.

He was heading into to get his pension cheque which isn't due to next week!  I asked if he had a ride home, he didn't so I will check on him later as it gets dark early up here.
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brad2 wrote: Thank you for what you have done for this elderly man, being there for someone in their time of need really makes a difference for someone, anyone. Keep up the good work.
melnotes wrote: Thank you so much for your kindness :)
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for giving the elder a ride into town, such a dangerous situation, wheeling down middle of road! Hope he gets back alright as well.
kjoyw wrote: Absolutely wonderful true kindness! Thank you for not ignoring him as all others did. Thank you for seeing him and reaching out to help him. Good to know that you are going to follow up and check on him later.
Novice50 wrote: How fortunate for him that you happened by. What a blessing to be able to help, and now, a connection for both of you.
leoladyc728 wrote: So sweet of you.
terre wrote: Thank you for this kindness. You may have just found a new friend and be part of each other's lives now. I love the stories the elders in my life have told me, and I'm pretty sure they've loved the things I've been able to do to help them with the things that were getting difficult for them. Some of my deepest and most rewarding friendships have been with my elders.

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