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Birthday Donations

--by AndiCas, posted Dec 8, 2015
I messaged my Kenyan friend to wish him a 'Happy Birthday!'. He told me that instead of spending money on a party, he chose to visit a juvenile facility and spend the money on donations. He donated personal items like toilet tissue and soap which are not provided by the state.

What a tremendous way to spend a birthday!
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cwk34 wrote: Indeed, a great gift.
princessgaga wrote: Beautiful!
melnotes wrote: Love this idea!
kjoyw wrote: Wonderful idea and such great kindness!! Blessings to your friend!
mindyjourney wrote: Happy birthday to your dear thoughtful and generous friend!
RoseMarie wrote: So kind of your friend, x 💓
leoladyc728 wrote: Great way to give on one's birthday.
terre wrote: Excellent birthday and gifts to the facility!

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