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Kindness Leaves Gratitude

--by penny4them, posted Dec 30, 2015

Hello dear Kindhearts,

Writing to share a couple friends made this basket of leaves this weekend, for our friends at the school in India, who need paper leaves for their Grateful Tree. Please message me if you'd like to contribute, and I'll send you my address (or school address depending where on earth you are).

Want to add to our collective pile? You can use flower or leaf punches OR here are a few free downloadable printable PDF's I found online. I am not affiliated with this company, but I'm grateful they are giving these away!
~simple heart shaped leaves (pages 2 or 3 are best sizes)
~oval shaped leaves (pages 2 or 3 are best sizes)

Thanks so much for your kind consideration.

much love and kindness to you all <3

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Readers Comments

ShaktiMrig wrote: ♥
cletus wrote: Wonderful act of sharing Gratitude
leoladyc728 wrote: Glad people are helping you with your project.
mindyjourney wrote: great project my friend :)). Yes, I'd like to contribute some leaves. please send me your info :).
melnotes wrote: These are very cool!

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